9 useful tips for PhD students

I’m back again with another post after a long time! I’m currently a second-year PhD student in software engineering at TU Delft. Since last summer, I wanted to write a blog post for giving some tips to PhD students. You might now call me a “lazy person”!! 😀  but I tweeted some short tips a while ago. However, on Twitter, it’s not possible to explain things and give examples. I’m also writing this post to remind myself of the below tips, given that I haven’t finished my PhD yet.  Without further ado, let’s talk about the tips:


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The main sections of a research paper are explained (With examples from a machine learning research paper)

To stay up-to-date in your field of research or study, you should read research papers. However, reading a research paper is not like reading a newspaper. Because a paper has a formal structure that consists of several sections. Authors of research papers know the structure quite well. It is also essential for readers to be familiar with the main sections of a research paper. This helps readers to quickly find the information they are looking for in a research paper. Moreover, it helps them comprehend new ideas and methods of a paper better. Aside from gaining new knowledge, reading research papers help you find out what was done in the past to solve a particular problem. Therefore, you are not going to reinvent the wheel and probably implement a method or algorithm that is proposed in a paper.

In this post, I explain the components of each section in a research article. Also, examples from a real and open-access research paper in machine learning are provided to help you understand the components of each section.

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