On the importance of writing skill in Academia

In this post, I share my thoughts on the importance of writing skill in Academia. Currently, I’m a PhD student. So a large part of my job is to write papers and a thesis at the end. I don’t consider myself a good writer by any means, though I got compliments about my writing from some people. This post is useful mostly for novice researchers like PhD students and also people who want to consider a research career in Academia.

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9 useful tips for PhD students

I’m back again with another post after a long time! I’m currently a second-year PhD student in software engineering at TU Delft. Since last summer, I wanted to write a blog post for giving some tips to PhD students. You might now call me a “lazy person”!! 😀  but I tweeted some short tips a while ago. However, on Twitter, it’s not possible to explain things and give examples. I’m also writing this post to remind myself of the below tips, given that I haven’t finished my PhD yet.  Without further ado, let’s talk about the tips:


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